Jyga Technologies Welcomes Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp as Global Strategy Director

Global Strategy Director

For Immediate Release

[QC, Canada. April 22nd 2024] – Jyga Technologies, a leading innovator in precision feeding of sows, proudly announces the appointment of Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp as its Global Strategy Director. With nine years of dedication in the hog industry, Natalia has also traversed various landscapes, from small family businesses to multinational giants, fortifying her character and cultivating her skills.

Natalia brings an illustrious career spanning global scenarios, enriching her with experiences that have sculpted her into an exceptional business manager. ‘’ We truly believe that her skills are a great addition to the team we already have in place. She will support us in making the right business decisions, while remaining in line with our passion as producers-manufacturers’’, believes Alain Lefebvre CEO and Co-Owner of Jyga Technologies.

What I am most proud of in my career so far is the diverse opportunities I’ve had across different industries and scenarios. These experiences have not only honed my skills but have also shaped my character”, shared Natalia.

 “I am very passionate about what I do. I visit producers with passion, and care for their pigs as if they were my own. Taking care of my people is a must for me, working alongside with them, always with humility and openness. My goal is to make those around me better, and I am eager to continue this journey at Jyga Technologies.”  

A Strategic Boost for Jyga Technologies’ Global Ascent

Natalia’s decision to join Jyga Technologies is fueled by the company’s vibrant culture and its commitment to sustainable growth. She was drawn to the company’s energy, recognizing the eagerness of the team to learn and grow together.

“We are really proud that Natalia joined our team. Her personality and experience are a perfect fit to us,” said Samuel Lefebvre, Global Sales Director at Jyga Technologies. “As soon as we met her, we knew she would help us bring Jyga to the next level globally.”

In her new role as Global Strategy Director, Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp will leverage her diverse expertise and unwavering passion to drive Jyga Technologies to new heights of success and innovation.

As she is always open to get to know new people in our industry, or to exchange ideas with all the ones she already became friends with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with her.

To contact Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp :
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+ 1 (402) 980-1245

JYGA Technologies: Swine Feeding Systems for Farrowing and Gestating Sows

JYGA Technologies became the first company ever to design and manufacture electronic feeding system, which assures all your sows to get the perfect feed intake leading to great results. Strong of its expertise and having developed the first computerized swine feeding system in the world, it is not surprising to see the company being distinguished from the others by the diversity of its competences.

Innovative Solutions for your sow farm

Indeed, JYGA Technologies conceives and manufactures completely its GESTAL feeding systems at its plant located in Canada. From electronics to software or plastic molds, everything is evaluated and tested at its experimental farm of 2,200 sows.

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Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp

Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp

Global Strategic Director