Feeding Solutions for Farrowing Sows

Our feeding systems will feed farrowing sows precisely and analyze feed intake patterns based on parity or genetics. The GESTAL solutions are designed to simplify barn management while optimizing animal feed behavior.

The GESTAL Quattro stimulates sow feed intake, reduces feed waste and makes sow management easier. 

The GESTAL Quattro allows for feed blending as well as control of heat mats or heat lamps.

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The GESTAL Solo+ is a stand-alone feeder that will feed your sows 24/7/365! 100% wireless, it increases sow body condition and milk production by offering several meals during the day.

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The GESTAL Focus is a premium product at a budget price.

The GESTAL Focus is our base-model feeder, featuring LED lights that coordinate with sow consumption so that barn workers can easily identify problem or low consumption animals. 

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