Swine Production: Discover the GESTAL Swine Feeding System for Farrowing and Gestating Sows

Adopt a modern solution to meet the individual requirements of sows. The GESTAL sow feeding system feeds the sow precisely and according to her needs, while facilitating the work of the employee. The integration of technology in the farm will help improve performance in terms of production and herd management.

Smart Swine Feeding Systems, manufactured by JYGA Technologies

Several solutions are available for each of your production stages: gestation, lactation, nursery & grow-to-finish and herd management. GESTAL is a simple, reliable and durable solution.

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Our new Gestal Solo installed in a farm in Canada

Sow Farrowing Feeders

We offer multiple options for farrowing feeders that fit most specific farms’ needs. The GESTAL standalone smart feeders are compatible with every type of building, require minimal energy levels, and represent the best precision feeding technologies on the market. 

The GESTAL Quattro stimulates sow feed intake, reduces feed waste and makes sow management easier. Manages the piglets’ environment and electricity.

The GESTAL Solo+ offers a basic design while managing feed with a wireless environment.

The GESTAL Focus is an affordable solution for your swine feeding needs in farrowing.

Learn more about our swine farrowing solutions

Sow Group Housing Gestation Systems

Our feeding system for group-housed sows will meet the needs of animal welfare regulations without compromising the farm performance. The GESTAL 3G will isolate the sow in a gestating crate while feeding and minimize the risks of aggression and stress.

Learn more about GESTAL 3G and group-housing

Nursery & Finishing Pig Production Systems

The GESTAL Evo is a new approach to growing pig nutrition. Each unit has the ability to blend combinations of distinct individual diets. It can record and manage complex diet changes from the farm computer. The GESTAL Evo will allow you to maximize sow performance with feed blending strategies.

Learn more about GESTAL Evo

The GESTAL Select is a performance feeding system for growing pigs that will capture feed intake data of each individual to help determine the high-performing animal in the herd.

Learn more about GESTAL Select

Sow Farm Equipment

Every ROBUST equipments were either selected or conceived carefully by our team, always listening to the input of our producers. We are very selective with which equipment we would like to work. It is important to choose your farm equipment wisely if you want it to last a long time.

*Some equipment is not available everywhere. Please contact a sales representative to make sure that the product you need is available in your area.

Pig Farm Equipment Suppliers

Farrowing equipment

Pig Farrowing Equipment (crates & layout)

We offer different models for your farrowing room. Such as

  • Sow farrowing crates
  • Feed lines
  • Piglet hovers
  • Heat mats

Gestation Pens for Group Housing or Individual Gestation

Equipment for gestating sows includes:

  • Pen walls for group-housed sows
  • Individual gestation pen
  • Feed lines

Nursery & Finishing Pig Farm Equipment

  • Growing pig troughs
  • Feed lines
  • Pen walls

Optimizing Your Sow Farm Process Has Never Been Easier

Vision - feed and herd management software

Swine Management Software

Make sow data management easier.  Each feeder is WIFI compatible for rapid data transfer to handheld tablets.

With VISION, you can manage feed and herd data for your swine production.  The new software that leads to improved decision-making!

Smart swine feeder system

Farm Consulting Services

Planning a retrofit or a new construction?   Our specialists are there to help you choose the right layout to best fit new market standards.

Contact us to discuss your project with our expects!

Service and Technical Support

A team of technicians will assist you from installation through appropriate start-up training to an optimal everyday use of the system. Our tech team is there to help and provide solutions.