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We have a small unit, would the gestal system be useful and profitable for us?

Of course! The Gestal system will consistently feed your sows all year long, 24/7/365. It saves you time to concentrate on other important tasks.

How can the Gestal system be installed in my barn, considering that my farrowing crate doors are not all the same?

The Gestal system can be adapted and installed on every kind of door, easily and without any additional fees for the producer. Simply mention it when you buy!

I have water in my troughs (wet-dry feeding). Will the system work anyway?

Yes! The electronic triggers are built to resist water, and can be immersed without any problem.

Will it be confusing if more than one person is operating the system?

Not at all. Gestal software allows current-day modifications to be easily noticeable by any member of the crew.

I do not know much about computers, isn’t this system too complicated for me?

The dispensers as well as the software have been programmed in order to allow for ease of use with minimum training. They are very easy to manage.

Why should I have a Gestal Evo system when animals are receiving ad-libitum feed?

The Gestal Evo tracks consumption of your animals, allowing you to adjust feed budgets as well to observe changes in consumption easily.

I am using 6 different feeds in finishing. How is the system going to manage this?

When starting the system, you simply calibrate for each of the diets and programs within the software will manage any dietary changes.

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