GESTAL Technical Support


Where Technical Excellence Meets Sow Precision Feeding Innovation

Welcome to our Technical Support page, where our experienced team of technicians is dedicated to ensuring a smooth GESTAL experience for you and your team. From installation through remote assistance, we guarantee optimal functionality of our feeding system, ensuring uninterrupted feeding for your sows.

Our Mission: Get The Full Potential of our Feeding Equipment.

Our mission is to provide world-class technical customer support and expertise to both internal and external clients of Jyga. We prioritize your success through rigorous training for everyone involved, providing you with tools and knowledge to maximize the full potential of our feeding system and its numerous advantages.

3 ways to reach our technical support team:

Tech support by email

Contact our team by email. One of our technicians will contact you within 48 hours.

[email protected]

Tech support by phone

Reach us by phone during business hours (toll-free number) :

•  Quebec, Canada :
1-866-333-7853 Ext. 3
•  Kansas, United States :
1-866-333-7853 Ext. 1
•  Vechta, Germany :

Reach our team with WhatsApp

You can also reach our technical support department with WhatsApp.