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What They Have to Say About GESTAL

El Cherú (Almarez S.A.)

El Cherú Farm managed by Almarez S.A., a swine production company in Argentina, has significantly grown since its foundation in 2015. Starting with 500 sows, the farm now has expanded to 4,500 sows, focusing on optimal body condition, minimal feed wastage, and improved sow welfare. (GESTAL 3G & GESTAL Focus)

DV Pork Farm

In this father-daughter testimonial, Daniel and Noémie Vachon, pork producers from Québec, Canada, share their transformative experience with GESTAL technology. They retrofitted their gestation barn in 2020 to meet animal welfare standards and integrated GESTAL systems, including GESTAL Solo+, GESTAL Quattro, and GESTAL 3G, into their operations.

Legacy Pork

The owners of Legacy Pork, located in Missouri, USA, share their experience about the use of the GESTAL 3G and GESTAL Solo and how it allowed them to better manage day-to-day operations.

GEC Group

The Maternité du Rang 6 is a 3,000-head sow farm built in Quebec, Canada. Owned by the GEC Group, the farm was built in 2020 and utilizes cutting-edge technologies to assist in management of the farm. Christian Lapointe, production manager at GEC Group shares his experience on the use of the GESTAL feeding system.

Sylvio Blais Farm

The owners of the farm, located in Canada, offer a tour of their installation.  They use the GESTAL Quattro in the farrowing room and GESTAL 3G in the gestating room.

Charlevoix Organic Meats

Damien Girard, owner of this Canadian farm, talks about his experience with smart feeding technology and the use of GESTAL Solo+ in his farm.

Mansion Farm

Located in Oklahoma, USA, the Mansion Farm owner takes us on a tour of the farm and shows us how our swine feeding technology has changed farm performances.

Christal Farm

Located in Quebec, Canada, the Christal Farm owner takes us on a tour of the farrowing unit.

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