Visit a Sow-Farm: Take a Virtual Tour!

virtual tour

Exclusive Access to this High-Tech Facility!

We’re giving you a VIP tour of a sow-farm. With this 360° experience, walk through every room and find out how the GESTAL system helps feed sows.

The Maternité du Rang 6 is a 3,000-head sow farm built in Quebec, Canada. Owned by the GEC Group, the farm was built in 2020 and utilizes cutting-edge technologies to assist in management of the farm.

  • Farrowing Room: 504 farrowing crates equipped with GESTAL Quattro, no front aisle
  • Gestating Room: 1,900 sows, 32 pens, 4 GESTAL 3G stations per pen
  • Gilt Development Unit (GDU)
  • Breeding Room: 708 individual crates with 6 pens for boars

And you don’t even need to go through biosecurity!

Enjoy your visit!

*Look for the blue and white dots which give you additional information of a particular object.*

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Virtual Tour Tip

  • To access the menu, click on the three lines in the upper left corner.
  • To navigate between adjoining rooms in the tour, click on the white arrow links on the floor or use the left menu.