• NEW! wireless feed bin sensor

    Monitor your feed bin inventory with ease and precision using the GESTAL L-Track, a cutting-edge solution designed to transform bin management.
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  • new product

    The GESTAL Select will capture feed intake data of each individual to help determine the high-performing animal in the herd.
    *Growing pigs*

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  • The Gestal System

    Always one step ahead, our products and knowledge allow your farm to reach its full potential!

  • The Gestal System

    Optimize feed intake in lactation for bigger, stronger and healthier litters!


Six good reasons to choose Jyga Technologies

Jyga’s owners are swine producers first

We know what you have to go through everyday because we have been pork producers for 3 generations! Alain and Donald Lefebvre, owners of JYGA Technologies, also own a 2200 sow farrow-to-finish unit!

More than 25 years of experience

In 1994, JYGA Technologies became the first company to ever design and manufacture electronic feeding systems, ensuring all your sows maximize intake and giving you great results.

Quality products

With GESTAL, you opt for strong and durable products engineered for pork producers, by pork producers! Certified Nema 4X and IP66, GESTAL products reach the highest quality standards.

Wireless products

Our products are 100% autonomous and standalone, so that no serial connections can paralyze your whole feeding system in case of a system break down.

Outstanding service

Our support team will find a solution to every obstacle you might encounter. Available 24/7/365, we will never let you down.

Continuous innovation

We are continuously developing new products and improving the ones we already have, always keeping the producers’s real needs in mind.

Talk with an expert

Contact us to learn more about GESTAL feeding systems and its advantages for your herd. Our specialists are available to help you choose the best solution for your farm.

Gestal 3G, group-housing system, installed in Gestatation.

Swine feeding systems.

Different products are available for each of your production stages.

GESTAL is simple, reliable and durable.

Piglets sleeping under their hoover

The new ROBUST equipment product line, have been strategically selected to meet the same high quality standards as GESTAL.

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