El Cherú: A Journey of Innovation and Precision Feeding Strategies

Testimonial GESTAL - Precision Feeding


El Cherú Farm managed by Almarez S.A., a swine production company in Argentina, has significantly grown since its foundation in 2015. Starting with 500 sows, the farm now has expanded to 4,500 sows, focusing on precision feeding, optimal body condition, minimal feed wastage, and improved sow welfare. In this testimonial, explore how, with the incorporation of an automated feeding system, the company was able to take operations to the next level. Watch our testimonial with Dr. Daniel Griva, production manager.

In Rosario, Argentina, Almarez S.A. began its swine production journey in 2015 with 500 sows at the El Cherú site. One of the driving forces behind this venture is Ezequiel González, a former professional soccer player who had wisely invested in agriculture during his career. After retiring, he focused on exploiting these investments, and pork production is one of them.

Steady Growth and Expansion

Under the management of Dr. Daniel Griva, veterinarian, production expanded steadily, reaching 4,500 sows. This growth was marked by a commitment to improving production quality and efficient farm management. The company also processed part of its production as meat, adding value to its operations.

Embracing Precision Feeding With GESTAL

A significant milestone was the adoption of the GESTAL smart feeding systems both in gestation and farrowing. This technology ensured optimal feed for each sow, enhancing body condition at farrowing and improving piglet health. It also minimized feed wastage, contributing to more sustainable practices.

Testimonial GESTAL - Precision Feeding

Ensuring Sow Welfare

Almarez S.A. prioritized sow welfare, using GESTAL to monitor and quickly address any signs of distress. This approach minimized fighting and ensured uninterrupted feeding, two characteristics which are vital for maintaining overall herd health.

Leveraging Technology for Lactation

Feeding during lactation is critical, and Almarez S.A. is using the GESTAL Focus to manage this effectively. Accurate feeding during this phase prevents health issues and maintains productivity. The technology also helped detect early signs of problems among maternity sows, allowing timely interventions. It provides staff with information much faster about the tasks they need to handle, ensuring smooth progress.

“From the onset of implementing the GESTAL 3G system and Focus, we’ve received unwavering support from Jyga and Innova. This support has been instrumental in the success of our system’s operation. It allowed us to kickstart our work smoothly and promptly address any adjustments needed along the way.” — Dr. Daniel Griva, veterinarian.

GESTAL - Precision Feeding

Future Expansion Plans

Looking ahead, Almarez S.A. plans to expand to 6,500 sows by December. This growth will include further implementation of the GESTAL system in both maternity and gestation areas, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Almarez S.A.’s journey from 500 to 4,500 sows is a testament to strategic growth and innovation. GESTAL has been crucial in optimizing sow health, reducing waste, and streamlining operations. As they prepare for future expansion, Almarez S.A. remains dedicated to leveraging advanced systems to enhance productivity.

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