30 years of innovation for Jyga

Jyga Technologies Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation and Leadership in the Swine Industry

Leading the Way in Smart Feeding for Sows

In 1994, a small Quebec company named Jyga Concept initiated a significant revolution in the swine industry. Today, this company, known as Jyga Technologies, is proudly celebrating 30 years of innovation and leadership in the field of swine nutrition.

The Dawn of a Technological Transformation

Acting as clients and research partners since 1999, the Lefebvre brothers acquired and renamed the company Jyga Technologies in 2004. This is where the future of the company took a decisive turn. Visionaries and leveraging their knowledge as owners of a 2,200-sow farrow-to-finish operation, as well as their experience as customers of GESTAL products, the duo laid the groundwork for precision feeding systems.

Empowering Pig Producers With Practical Solutions
Smart feeding with GESTAL in 2016

The company has since then continued to innovate in its field, introducing various products aligned with producers’ needs, industry standards, and scientific advancements to provide optimal solutions. Expansion continued over the years with the opening of offices in Germany and the United States, solidifying Jyga Technologies’ position as a global leader. In 2020, the company gave itself the means to achieve its ambitions and moved into a vast facility of nearly 80,000 square feet.

For Alain Lefebvre, President of Jyga Technologies, the journey doesn’t end here:

“Our vision is to bring about a technological revolution that transforms swine farming, ensuring smart, efficient, and sustainable automated feeding, serving economic growth, animal welfare, food security, and resource preservation.”

Ambition Runs in the Family: The Third Generation Is Now Part of the Company

The family values of the Lefebvre clan have not fallen far from the tree as Donald and Alain’s children ensure the continuity of Jyga Technologies. Since 2014, Roxanne, Samuel, Isabelle, and Sarah-Maude have gradually joined the company after completing their university studies.

Famille Lefebvre: 3 generations

“Our commitment to excellence continues to guide us as we look to the future with optimism. We are eager to see where the next generation will take the company,” declares Alain Lefebvre.

The Jyga Technologies Family

The employer has experienced significant growth since its inception and now has over 120 employees, with 90 based in St-Lambert-de-Lauzon. The rest of the team is spread across the United States, Mexico, Germany, China, and Vietnam. Despite the size of their team, welcoming each colleague as a family member and human resource management remain priorities for the owners.

“Their efforts and knowledge have been essential at every stage of our journey, from R&D to production and customer service. Their dedication embodies our commitment to excellence and innovation.”

A Year of Celebrations
30 years of innovation - Jyga Technologies

To express its gratitude and appreciation of its employees, the company plans a series of initiatives to pamper them throughout the year. Several actions planned to mark this special anniversary will also aim to reaffirm its commitment to its community.

Additionally, a special version of the logo incorporating the number 30 has been designed for the occasion. This logo, along with the slogan “30 years of innovation” will be deployed to anchor the notoriety and expertise developed over the past three decades.

A Future of Sustainability in the Swine Industry

Jyga Technologies continues to lead the way in the swine industry, offering comprehensive and intelligent solutions for optimal sow nutrition.  Jyga Technologies designs and manufactures the GESTAL feeding system entirely at its Canadian facility. From electronics to software, and plastic molds, all products are rigorously tested at its experimental farm of 2,200 sows to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

To learn more about Jyga Technologies and its commitment to innovation in the swine industry, click here.

Jyga Through the Ages!

  • 2024

    30 years of innovation & 3 generations!

    Famille Lefebvre

  • 2020

    We moved into our current, brand-new, and modern head office.


  • 2019

    For the past 25 years, Jyga Technologies has been automating feeding for sow farms. In 2019, the company launched its GESTAL Evo Opti.

    Gestal - Evo smart swine feeder

  • 2018

    -Opening of an office in the United States located in Kansas.

    -ALDO Farm also celebrates its 30th anniversary.

    -The company expands its horizons by launching its ROBUST equipment line.


  • 2017

  • 2016

    GESTAL mobile app is launched.

    Gestal Mobile being used inthe farm


  • 2015

    Jyga Technologies’ offices move to Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, consolidating all businesses under one roof.

  • 2014

    -Opening of the first international office in Germany.

    -During the same year, the third generation of Lefebvre joins the company.

    -Also in 2014, GESTAL 3G is launched. This system for group gestation is distributed worldwide.



  • 2013

    After several years of expansion, ALDO Farm currently comprises a maternity unit housing 2,200 sows, a nursery with 10,000 heads, a finishing section accommodating 18,000 heads, and a total land area of 2,500 acres.

  • 2012


  • 2008

    Jyga Technologies expands into international markets.

  • 2006

    Two years after acquiring Jyga Technologies, the Lefebvre brothers launch GESTAL FM. This product will be sold in several countries, including Asia and Europe.

    Gestal FM installed on automatic feed delivery system


  • 2004

    Acquisition of Jyga Concept by Alain and Donald Lefebvre, which they will rename Jyga Technologies.

  • 1999

    Implementation of the GESTAL system at ALDO Farm. It is the beginning of a collaboration between the Lefebvre brothers and Jyga Concept.


  • 1998

    ALDO Farm begins construction of various finishing sites.

  • 1997

    Construction of a nursery site with 10,000 heads.


  • 1996

    -Jyga Concept launches its first system onto the market, naming it the Gestal series.

    -The maternity unit at ALDO Farm was engulfed in flames. The year 1996 marked the beginning of the site’s reconstruction.


  • 1994

    Jyga Technologies was founded.

    Jyga Technologies launches its first prototype of a feeding system.


  • 1988

    The family farm was purchased by Alain and Donald Lefebvre. It is now called ALDO Farm.

  • 1963

    The First Generation

    Euclide and Madeleine Lefebvre have acquired the family farm situated in Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, near Quebec City.