Meets animal welfare requirements

Isolating the sow while feeding, the GESTAL 3G station minimizes the risks of aggressions while allowing each sow to eat at her own rhythm and following her nutritional requirements.

visite virtuelleWith this 360° experience, walk through the gestating room and find out how the GESTAL 3G system helps feed sows. Take the virtual tour.


Sows' self-train

Imitating an individual gestation crate, the GESTAL 3G feeding stations need only a minimal training time.

Strong and durable product

Engineered for pork producers, by pork producers, our products are strongly built and reliable. The crate is heavy built and so simple that there is not much that can go wrong.

Pressure washable

All of our GESTAL products are certified ip66 and Nema 4x (waterproof and extreme weather resistant).



  • Simple management of group-housed sows

    Simple management of group-housed sows

    Easy to install and adapt to any building type or size (new or retrofit)

    Reliable wireless system, each unit is 100% autonomous.

    Simpler for sows to adapt than traditional ESF systems.

  • Optimize your sow data management

    Optimize your sow data management

    Easy use of handheld tablets and automated reports to improve in-barn sow monitoring.

    Improve individual sow body condition management.

  • The perfect fit to meet animal welfare requirements

    The perfect fit to meet animal welfare requirements

    Decreases competition and agression over feed access.

    Offers pen design flexibility to optimize sow welfare for your specific project.

  • Individualize each sow's diet.

    Individualize each sow's diet.

    Best price/quality ratio in the industry.

    Using two feed lines, the 3G is able to blend multiple diets according to each sow’s prescribed needs.


Software and mobile application

Software and mobile application are simple and easy to use. Made for today's way of life, they allow for faster detection of problem sows by farm employees with their cellphone.

Remote consumption monitoring of the sows both individually and in herd.

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Why choosing GESTAL?

We are pork producers first

Jyga technologies is not just an equipment manufacturing company, but a family who goes through what you go through… everyday!

We are constantly innovating for your farm to be more productive

Strong of it’s producer experience and its expertise, Jyga Technologies’ team keep the company always one step in the swine field!

Our services

  • Personalized discussion to determine your farm’s equipment needs and assistance with pen configuration
  • Training and usage recommendations
  • Technical support 365 days a year


Plenty of our customers wanted to testifiy about their GESTAL experience by sending us a letter. Rean them here.

Genesus Genetics

Genesus Genetics, important genetic company internationally a recognized, is really pleased with the utilisation of the GESTAL System! Find out more reading their letter.

Genesus Letter
Prairie Swine Center

We performed trials on the GESTAL 3G in collaboration with the CDPQ’s team (Quebec Hog Development Center). During this process, Dr. Jennifer Brown from Prairie Swine Center, Saskatoon, came to observe and evaluate the behaviour and welfare of sows that were using the system. Dr. Brown gave her comments in a letter that you can read by clicking here.

Prairie Swine Center's Letter


Group Housing Systems: Choices and Designs

The main criteria for choosing a certain grouphousing system will most likely involve investment costs, ability to maintain a high level of the sow’s health and welfare, ease of management, labor requirement, feeding system, overall simplicity of the system, and personal preference.

Donald G. Levis and Laurie Connor (2013)

Group Housing Systems: Forming Gilt and Sow Groups

Free access stalls may help reduce stress and aggression and improve reproductive performance if sows or gilts can be locked in for feeding, reproductive management and to limit aggression for certain animals when needed .

Rob V. Knox and Mark J. Estienne (2013)

Effects of group size and floor space allowance on grouped sows: Aggression, stress, skin injuries, and reproductive performance

Birth weight gain was almost 10 kg greater when in groups of  10, in gestation, than in groups of 30 or 80 whereas backfat gain was greatest in a floor space of 1.4 m2/sow.

P. H. Hemsworth, M. Rice, J. Nash, K. Giri, K. L. Butler, A. J. Tilbrook and R. S. Morrison (2014)

Increase your herd performance

Manage your group-housed sows' feed intake individually and without a headache.


GESTAL Quattro

GESTAL Quattro

The only feeding system that optimizes the sows feed intake while managing the piglets' environment temperature!



Automatized feeding system for lactating sow, the GESTAL Solo+ is 100% autonomous.



Automatized feeding system for nursery, grow-to-finish and GDU, the Evo does feed blending for individualized pens.

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