Increases sow body condition and milk production by offering several meals during the day.

Maximizes the lactating sow’s feed intake for :

  • Maximizing sows milk production

  • Producing heavier litters at weaning

  • Keeping the sows in a better body condition

  • Increasing farrowing rate

  • Giving birth to more piglets per sow per year


Streamlines and analyzes the sows' daily feed intake.

Every system follows individually and daily the sows' feed intake. With a detailed report, it's possible to make sure that all of the sows were enough fed and to make adjustments to their feed curves when needed.

Strong and durable product

Engineered for pork producers, by pork producers, our products are strongly built and reliable. Pressure washable, all of our Gestal products are certified ip66 and Nema 4x (waterproof and extreme weather resistant).

Compatible with every type of building

For a new construction or renovation, our specialists offer precious advices in terns of building layouts. Be sure that your farm will meet the animal welfare regulations applicable in your area.



  • Savings


    Better workload management because of less time spent in the farrowing rooms. Colored lights on the feeder indicates which sows need attention and help to better manage the available labor.

    Generated reports to locate low-consumption, limited and wasteful sows.

    Reduction of feed wastage. Wasteful sows will get the needed quantity of feed, no more, no less.

    Optional water management

    In a wet-dry feeding situation, managing the water directly on the Gestal allows a better water and feed mixture control in order to optimize feed intake.


  • Improved sow performance

    Improved sow performance

    Shorter wean-to-estrus interval due to the sow better body condition at weaning.

    Higher farrowing rate. A better body condition throughout the process naturally leads to a higher number of piglets at the next farrowing.

    Increased sow longetivity.

    Heavier litter weight at weaning. With a higher daily feed intake, the sows will produce more milk, having a direct impact on the litter weight at weaning.


  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind

    Waterproof and resistant, the Gestal are pressure washable.

    Easy to install. The Gestal technical team will go on farm to start the feeding systems.

    Software and mobile application are simple and easy to use, allowing for faster detection of problem sows by farm employees.

  • Precision


    Feed management 24/7/365. No public holiday, no sick day for the Gestal feeding systems.

    Feeding schedules and curves easily programmable by the producer. It’s possible to change a parameter on the computer and modifications will be automatically shared between both of them.

    Feeding distribution precise enough to be used for research purposes.

Calculate your return on investment for the GESTAL

Calculate your return on investment for the GESTAL

From some of your farm data and other averages, get your ROI calculated. Even if it's an approximation, it will give you a good idea of the time needed to amortize your purchase. This calculation will give you 3 different scenario : optimistic, realistic and pessimistic.

Access the ROI tool

Software and mobile application

Software and mobile application are simple and easy to use. Made for today's way of life, they allow for faster detection of problem sows by farm employees with their cellphone.

Remote consumption monitoring of the sows both individually and in herd.

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Plenty of our customers wanted to testifiy about their Gestal experience by sending us a letter.


Génétiporc, now Genesus, an international company in the genetic field for many years, equipped all of it’s farms in Canada with the Gestal FM.

AM Warkup LTD

A.M. Warkup, distributor of the Gestal System in England, appreciates the Gestal System’s effect in one of their client’s farms. Their farrowing system really makes a difference.


Sow lactation feeding: A daily challenge

To achieve a feed consumption of 7-8 Kg
per day it is crucial to increase feeding frequency. The strategy should be to feed the lactating sow smaller meals, and not  necessary of equal
quantities, throughout the day. Even better is to provide the larger amounts of feed either
early in the morning or late at night when the
environment is cooler.

Giannis Karvelis, Nutritionist, 2014

Impact of sow energy status during farrowing on farrowing kinetics, frequency of stillborn piglets, and farrowing assistance

The present study suggests that allocation of at least 3 daily meals may improve energy status of the sow during farrowing and ameliorate the farrowing process and thereby reduce the number of stillborn piglets. The broken-line model with the breakpoint being 3.13 h indicated that sows might benefit from receiving up to as much as 8 daily meals shortly before farrowing.

Takele Feyera, Trine Friis Pedersen, Uffe Krogh, Leslie Foldager. 2018,

Feeding strategies during the lactation period for first-parity sows

Both an increased frequency of daily meals
and the use of wet feeding led to reduced mobilization of body reserves. Wet feeding reduced the weight loss, whereas the increased number of daily meals was associated with a lower backfat loss.

M. Genest and , S. D'Allaire. 1995

Increase your herd performance

Manage your group-housed sows' feed intake individually and without a headache.


Gestal Solo

Gestal Solo

Automatized feeding system for lactating sow, the Gestal Solo is 100% autonomous.

Gestal EVO

Gestal EVO

Automatized feeding system for nursery, grow-to-finish and GDU, the EVO does feed blending for individualized pens.

Gestal 3G

Gestal 3G

Feeding system for group-housed sows, the Gestal 3G individualizes dietary curves, even if they are in group.