Introducing GESTAL L-Track: Transforming Feed Bin Management for Farming Industry


Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, Canada — JYGA Technologies, an innovative company that specialize in smart sow feeding solutions, is proud to introduce the launch of its new product, the GESTAL L-Track. It gives farming industry players an accurate and effective solution to monitor in real time the level of feed in bins, allowing a smarter and cost-effective inventory management.

Ideal for all Types of Production

The GESTAL L-Track is giving managers a practical, precise, and cost-effective solution to manage feed bins for all types of production. This innovation will improve productivity, security, and profitability of farm operations.


Finding the Perfect Feed Level Sensor on the Market

As a pork producer, the Lefebvre family, owner of JYGA Technologies, looked for an effective sensor on the market, at a competitive price point which needed little maintenance.  There was no solution to meet their needs. Innovators at heart, the R&D team got to work to create a convenient, safe, and reliable product.

“The GESTAL L-Track is equipped with an advanced technology that uses a state-of-the-art sensor and a wireless connection to deliver precise data on the level of feed in bins. For us, it’s important to monitor in real time the feed level without having to perform hazardous manual measurements. On our farm, we really want to make sure that feed will be available for sows, without any interruption.” – Alain Lefebvre, President of JYGA Technologies

The GESTAL L-Track Effect: A wireless sensor that can help you optimize feed inventory management.

Quick & Easy Installation

The GESTAL L-Track is unique in it’s ease of installation, thanks to a heavy-duty magnet that allows to be quickly secured onto the bin. We offer an optional attachment for fiberglass bins, providing you with versatile installation options. In addition, the sensor supports bins with a maximum height of 25 meters (82 feet), accommodating a wide range of bin configurations.

Real Time Feed Monitoring

Managers can access precise level data by using our user-friendly software, VISION. It allows users to stay connected and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. The GESTAL L-Track acts as a powerful tool for optimizing delivery routes, ensuring smooth and precise transportation based on real-time feed-level information.

Safety First

At an affordable cost, the GESTAL L-Track is a safe solution. Equipped with a built-in wiper that automatically cleans the sensor, GESTAL L-Track will ensure that readings are accurate without the need for manual maintenance. There’s no requirement to climb the bin for manual level checks anymore.

Advancing the Swine Industry: JYGA Technologies at the Forefront of Innovation

Jyga Technologies is the manufacturer of GESTAL swine feeding systems and ROBUST equipment. Having owners that are pork producers too, Jyga Technologies’ equipment and feeding systems are designed to meet producers’ needs while lasting over time.  The company designs products that improve the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of farming operations.

With the best after-sales service in the industry, the family company now has the 3rd generation working in the administration and countless satisfied customers in 37 countries around the world.

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