• The Gestal system

    Always one step ahead, our products and knowledge allow your farm to reach its full potential!

  • The Gestal system

    Optimize feed intake in lactation for bigger, stronger and healthier litters!

  • The Gestal System

    A simple way to manage loose-housing sows. No training, no need to segregate you sows.

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  • The Gestal System

    A tool that helps pork producers since 1994.

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Easy to install and adaptable, our products are compatible to any building type (new or retrofit)

What we do

Farrowing product line

Our feeders and much more!

Gestation product line

Walls, feedlines, crates and the best feeders on the market.

Nursery/Finishing barn product line

Software and handheld APP

Great tools to help you monitor and manage your herd.

Retrofit advices

Our engineers are there to help you choose the right layout to retrofit your barn and answer to the new norms of the market. Click on the layout to get yours.

Technical Support

A team of technicians is following you from the very start: From installation and appropriate start-up training to optimal everyday use of the system.

Why us?

Wireless products

No serial connection who can paralyzed all your farm just because of thunder.

Quality products

You ain’t paying for cheap plumber pipes, but for strong and engineered products that are designed for pork producers, by pork producers

More than 20 years of experience

In 1994, Jyga Technologies became the first company ever to design and manufacture electronic feeding system to make sure all your sows have the perfect feed intake to assure great results.

Great Support

Our support team will make sure to have a solution to every obstacle you might encounter.

Pork Producers before equipment manufacturers

We know what you have to go through everyday… because we do to! Alain and Donald Lefebvre, the owners of the Jyga Technologies, are also the owners of a 2200 sows farrow-to-finish farm!

Recognized and awarded all around the world

We established ourselves as the world leaders in feeding sows!

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