A month of knowledge sharing between researchers, producers, veterinarians and nutritionists. The second edition of the Gestal Swine Summit includes a live panel discussion with industry specialists following the main conference.

You missed or you would enjoy seeing the Gestal Swine Summiet conferences once again? Here is your opportunity!

prop 12
As Proposition-12 will be effective as of January 2022, lots of questions remain. What will be acceptable? This conference, hosted by Dr. Hyatt Frobose, will question two representatives of certification companies on specific farm situations. Dr. Frobose will get answers on what they would accept or not as Proposition-12 compliant. This is a “We are getting answers for you” kind of conference.


Part 1: Conference by representatives of certification companies
Part 2: Panelist discussion with Dr. Dirk Hesse, Rick Thomas and Dave Wade

Precision feeding will be, in the near future, the way to increase commercial farm profitability.  Research numbers will show what precision feeding can do, and Dr. Jeff Knott will discuss ways to implement precision feeding in commercial farms and what he sees as opportunities.


Part 1: Conference by Dr. Jeff Knott
Part 2: Panelist discussion with Prof. Dr. Bruno Silva, Raphael Gauthier and Francis Simard

sow death loss
Sow death loss rates are higher and higher every year. Before being profitable, a sow generally needs to reach her 3rd parity. What are the causes of sow death loss and how can we decrease culling rates? Those are huge questions. Dr. Carlos Piñeiro will challenge ideas and showcase possible solutions.


Part 1: Conference by Dr. Carlos Piñeiro
Part 2: Panelist discussion with Karine Talbot, Martin Bonneau and Dan Bussières

mixing gilts and sows
Group sow housing is becoming the norm, but nobody has revealed the secret to group mixing. This conference by Dr. Isaac Huerta will discuss different methods for group mixing and their advantages/disadvantages. The following panel discussion will have pork producers discuss the way they do it in their farms and what works best for them.


Part 1: Conference by Dr. Isaac Huerta
Part 2: Panelist discussion with Jennifer Brown, Tanner Mc Culley and Telma Tucci

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Hyatt Frobose

Dr. Hyatt Frobose serves as the USA Commercial Director and Nutritionist for JYGA Technologies. Hyatt specializes in assisting swine producers with group-housing solutions and nutritional programs to optimize performance and welfare of gestating and lactating sows in commercial environments. In 2015, Dr. Frobose completed his doctorate degree in swine nutrition and management at Kansas State University where he authored or co-authored 8 refereed journal articles and 22 abstracts. This research focused on nutrition and reproduction interactions in gestating & lactating sows and the effects of mycotoxins on pig growth. Hyatt is based out of Kansas, USA where his family own and operate a seedstock Gelbvieh cow/calf operation.

jeff knott

Invited Speaker
Dr. Knott has over 15 years industry experience and is a specialist in providing technical nutritional support to swine producers around the world.  Jeff has a B.S. in Animal Science from North Dakota State University, M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Animal Science (Swine Nutrition).  He has vast domestic and international swine nutrition and business experience. Jeff spent 10 years with a national nutrition company before founding IDEAL Animal Nutrition.  He is a solution based, big picture thinker that can communicate the details.  Jeff is very good at implementing technical nutrition and technologies into practical field applications. 



Amanda is a Sales and Technical Service Representative in the Midwest region for Gestal/JYGA Technologies and has served in her current role since January 2018.

She graduated from the University of TN in 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science and then graduated from the Kansas State applied swine nutrition program with a Master’s in Swine Nutrition in 2013. Immediately after graduation, Amanda joined Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions, LLC for almost 5 years and assisted in research projects on commercial wean to finish and sow sites. In her current role, she assists producers and integrators from start to finish on new construction or retrofit projects and with the integration of precision feeding equipment.

Carlos Pineiro

Invited Speaker
Carlos Piñeiro is a veterinarian, working for the swine research farm, near Segovia, Spain. For the last 18 years, he has been the director of PigCHAMP Pro Europa S.A. with specialization and current lines of research: Information Systems in animal production and health and Contract Research in commercial farms in animal production, food, health, management, animal welfare and environment. Expert in data management and analysis of productivity and pig health, management of more than 20 national and international applied research projects, 23 publications in indexed scientific journals, more than 100 papers in scientific conferences and 5 chapters in books specialized in production, animal health and environment.


Blair was born and raised just north of Toronto in Creemore, Ontario. His father began as a farmer but he purchased the local Shur-Gain feed mill in 1959 so Blair had the advantage of growing up and working in this family farm supply business. After graduating with a B.Sc. (Agr) degree from the University of Guelph in 1978, Blair has worked in the feeding equipment and animal nutrition industries throughout his career. In 2007 he was introduced to Gestal but really wasn’t successful until he was appointed as JYGA’s Ontario dealer in 2015. Since then, Blair has sold almost 1,000 Gestal 3Gs and 4,400 farrowing feeders in the Ontario market. This equipment is installed on a variety of farms with a total of about 32,000 sows (10% of all sows in ON). Blair looks forward to continuing success with Gestal.

Isaac Huerta

Invited Speaker
Dr. Isaac Huerta, originally from Catalonia, got his DVM degree from the University of Zaragoza. In 2008, he finished his Masters in swine management & health. He started his career working for NUTRECO’s research centre in Holland and then moved to Mexico to lead a field trial. In 2010, he joined Magapor’s team as head of Tech Services North America, where he helped to implement Post Cervical Artificial Insemination in several farms across the USA and Canada. He also ran several trials in GTC’s and published those trials in peer reviewed magazine and international conferences. In 2013, he moved back to Spain and joined Elanco as the Technical leader for the North-East of Spain, where he ran antibiotic efficacy trials and evaluated lung lesions in abattoirs. In 2015, Isaac, joined PIC as Technical Services Director for Southern Europe and was promoted to Technical Services European Director in June 2020.

Gestal Swine Summit

Matthew Rooda cofounded SwineTech to help prevent pig deaths by creating solutions to help pork producers provide a high quality of care and greater transparency in the global swine industry. Mr. Rooda has led the SwineTech team through the Pearse Lyons Accelerator in Ireland, raised more than $6 million in venture capital, and managed business development efforts in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to being named one of the most influential innovators in the swine industry, he continues to share the possibilities of a brighter future by connecting thousands of producers and consumers through the Popular Pig podcast.