The new evolution of the Gestal system in lactation! Feed sows while saving electricity!


Generate electricity savings (NEW FEATURE):

No need to add additional electric – the Gestal QUATTRO shares the same outlet as the heat lamp/mat.

Using customizable heat curves and a temperature probe daily, the Gestal QUATTRO will reduce electricity demands while improving litter performance.

Make sow data management easier (NEW FEATURE):

Each feeder is WiFi compatible for rapid data transfer to handheld tablets and to help workers quickly transfer farrowing information and improve in-barn sow monitoring during farrowing.

Individualize each sow’s diet (NEW FEATURE):

Using two feed lines, the Gestal QUATTRO will individualize nutrient delivery by custom blending multiple diets according to each sow’s prescribed needs. 

Enhance your sows’ performance: 

Gestal Effect: Improving your sow’s body condition and milking capacity by providing continuous meals during the day in order to increase your sow’s daily feed intake.

The Gestal QUATTRO  allows you to feed your sows many times a day, in a very precise and continuous manner. By giving the sow many small meals, Gestal increases your sow’s daily intake. In turn, the sow produces more milk for her piglets, allowing them to grow faster. In addition to helping wean piglets faster, the system maximizes intake and milk production while maintaining the sow’s reserves (vitamins, fat and muscle), keeping your sows fit and healthy from farrowing to weaning.

The principal characteristic of the Gestal QUATTRO is that even when your computer fails, the system continues to operate without a problem. It’s an independent and autonomous system built for ultimate reliability.


  • Simply connect the feeder in a regular 120Vac or 220V outlet (depending on your territory) and it is ready for work! Then plug your heat lamp/mat directly in the electric outlets of the Gestal QUATTRO.
  • The feeder communicates with the computer using a WiFI network: reliable, easy to install, easy to move, replace and service
  • The feeder can easily be mounted on the crate door over the trough or on the tubing of the feed delivery system: it suits every building type, crate door and feed delivery system


  • Courtesy call for evaluation before installation
  • Installation
  • Training and usage recommendations
  • Technical assistance. On request, an experienced technical consultant can periodically communicate with your computer to analyze the functioning and the use of your system. He or she will be able to assist you in reaching your best possible performances
  • Technical support 365 days a year
  • Experience in pig production

Jyga Technologies’ products are certified CSA and CE, and guaranteed 1 year on parts and labor (at the plant).

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  • Sow fed on request
  • Sow fed to satiety according to her appetite
  • Increase in feed intake without problems due to metabolism
  • Reduction in weight loss and fat loss during lactation
  • Better performances after weaning, during insemination, gestation and for the next litter
  • Higher farrowing rate
  • Longer lifespan and lower culling rate
  • Better milk production
  • Calmer sows, leading to less crushed piglets
  • The environment control improves the performance of the litter


  • Easy to use and manage
  • Sows are properly fed 365 days a year during lactation in a very continuous manner, 24h/day
  • Elimination of the human factor in feed distribution during lactation
  • Fast detection of sows with low feed intake
  • Important decrease in food wastage (up to 20%) and better hygiene in the crate
  • Feeding curves and mealtime schedules are easily adjustable
  • Easily adaptable to sows with bigger appetites
  • Very precise distribution (+/- 3 grams)
  • Technical support available by remote connection to the PC modem
  • Farm employees detect problems with sows much faster
  • Independent and autonomous unit that works even if the computer doesn’t
  • Energy savings adds to the cash back


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time monitoring of feed intake for each individual sow
  • Automatic or personalized management of feeding curves
  • Fast detection of the sows with low or high feed intake
  • Possibility to use diversified feeding curves depending on farm type (ie:  family, commercial, research center, etc.)
  • Easily performs analysis of feed intake for each sow, a group, or the entire herd
  • Many more features can be controlled directly from the computer